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Bits n' Pieces:
Remember to change that dirty AC filter, right now :) ......if you have a CLEAN-OUT on your condensate drain, flush some water thru it to make sure it is clear.
Carbon Monoxide:
If you have any GAS appliances then get a CO Dectector right now......gas furnaces, gas dryers, gas water heaters, gas stoves..... a less than $50 investment could save you and your families lives......
Condensate Drains
We recommend servicing of your main drain pan and condensate lines monthly to prevent secondary water damages.  We also recommend a shut-off device for drains that back up to turn system off.  Moisture indicators can also save that expensive flooring, ceiling and walls.  If you see water damage you should turn your HVAC System off until you can determine source of water to prevent further damages to your home.